If you have yet to attend LifeStone on a Sunday morning, here is a preview of what you would experience. LifeStone is a non-denominational church that is committed to seeing those far from God become committed followers of Christ. There are four elements that are very important to us on Sunday mornings at LifeStone Church.

A Relaxed Church Experience 

We want people to feel as relaxed in church as they do in their own home, come as you are and you will fit right in! Our campus is easy to get around so we can assist people in having a relaxed and stress-free church experience.

A Relevant Church Experience

We are committed to relevance in three areas of our experience: the Media, the Music, and the Message.  We hope you will enjoy the high-quality, high-energy media formats in our services.  The music and worship is contemporary and modern.  All teachings at LifeStone are shared in an applicable, biblical, and personal way.

A Relational Church Experience

We have created a community that leads people into meaningful conversation and relationships that will impact their daily lives.  At LifeStone, we believe that church should be a relational experience for every person of every age! 

A Real Church Experience

We are a community of Christ-followers who are open and transparent in our everyday lives! Our hope is that you will sense the genuine reality of imperfect people that are truly following Jesus.